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This is renewal of my previous web page. The page had outgrown its assigned space and as I was changing Internet providers to take advantage of broadband access, I decided to pare the web page down to a more manageable size. It is my intent to add photographs on a continuing basis, replacing those that have been on the page for a period of time. Current and spectacular pictures of some of the grandchildren are on my son Eric's web page. Click here to check them out. Eric's page

The digital photographs were taken with my Sony Mavica cameras. All photos before March 1999 were taken with a Mavica FD-7, that I replaced with a Mavica FD-9. My current camera is a Sony Mavica CD-300 which stores pictures on 185MB mini-CDs and provides up to 3.3 megapixel resolution.

(9 January 2002) We journeyed to Seattle, Washington in August 2001 for a family reunion. We spent a week digging into the city and its environs and here is a sampling of pictures taken. Seattle trip

Mary Alice produced some very nice paintings several years ago, but gave up the brush when the grandchildren arrived. The quality of the photographs does not do justice to the paintings, and I am going to try to do a better job of avoiding reflections, etc., at some future date. This will give you an idea of her work, though. Mary Alice paintings

(1 January 2002) Please don't download this picture unless you have a high-speed internet connection. I am trying to determine if it is worthwhile to even post pictures of this size. Dallas has initiated a program of decorated fiberglass replicas of Pegasus in support of the arts and artists of Dallas. An enduring symbol of Dallas is the Flying Red Horse that stood atop one of the down town buildings as an advertisement for an oil company. There are over a hundred of these statues scheduled to be scattered around the downtown area, much as Chicago displayed cows and Seattle displayed pigs. If you would like to comment on your experience with this particular item, please get in touch with me at

City Hall Pegasus

(3 January 2002) This is a scanned photo of a wood carving by my brother-in-law who took up the craft a couple of years ago and has made remarkable progress. I had shown several of his carvings on my old website at but that website will shortly disappear. I may eventually bring those pictures to this web site. Checker playing monk

Here is some personal stuff about me and my background. Personal data